Pre-Session Preparation

This study guide is divided out over the eight key chapters, the Introduction and the In Closing for a total of 10 segments. Each study session should begin with preparation before your group meets. This preparation includes reading the designated chapter and taking notes along the way. Some topics may be uncomfortable, challenging, or debatable. Ask God to reveal what He desires for you as you read each chapter, and resist the temptation to run from a challenge.


Group Discussion

This portion will have questions for your small group to discuss. Most small groups will spend the core of this time discussing their answers to these questions. Focus on the time to have honest fruitful discussions about the book bearing in mind the ground rules that will make your group a valuable place for learning. Start each session by reminding everyone of the ground rules that your group agrees on. That can include maintaining a safe environment for everyone to be honest about their thoughts and feelings and working through these concerns by listening carefully and being respectful of others. Some of the discussion questions may not have one right answer. They are intended to elicit brainstorming with one another. Remember that it’s not always about correcting someone else’s theology, but it’s about directing people to the Word of God. Unless someone says otherwise, always assume what is shared in your group is confidential.